The RENOW project aims to develop a strategy for renewable energy development in the Euro-African Atlantic space. It counts with the support of co-financing of the Programa de Cooperación Transnacional Madeira - Azores - Canarias 2007 – 2013 (PCT - MAC) and the Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER). The countries that carried out this initiative and forming the partnership of it are: Mauritania, Senegal, Cape Verde and Canary Islands Region.

The project's mai
n objective is to get the authorities of the countries concerned are able to meet the needs of the population of rural and urban areas thanks to the opportunities and renewable resources in their environment. To achieve this goal, the proimagen art inicioject comprises a series of specific objectives. These in turn are intended to be achieved by running a series of activities taking place throughout the project in the participating regions in the same.

Among the various activities to be carried out, will try to assess the risks in terms of objectives and targets for the generation, transmission and distribution of renewable energy in a model eco-friendly. Will encourage the training of professionals by organizing courses, seminars and exchange between experts to update their knowledge and techniques of use and maintenance of energy resources. This will create a GIS computer application that will provide information on areas with potential applications of solar power generation (solar photovoltaic and thermal) and hot water production. The results of this application will be uploaded into a database that will be fully public and will be available through Internet access. There will be a study on electrification systems in these areas. Also study the legal frameworks which govern the use of renewable energy in different regions and seek to provide a few tips for improving them.
All these actions are carried out so that the regions involved in the project can get the most benefit possible. 

The project promotes RENOW vision of the possibilities of technological development and business in a growing sector, reducing the technical and financial uncertainty linked to renewable and alternative energies.

On the target regions is expected that the availability of this valuable information to attract investment into the regions and outside them, helping to develop a sector with clear competitive advantages, while clearly contributes to the generation of wealth qualification and employment of local medium-high.