Technical training on network management in Cape Verde, Senegal and Mauritania

This action has the aim to develop the skills.

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The main topics covered are: energy resource assessment and selection of technological alternatives, proposals for engineering design, proposals installation and commissioning of isolated systems based on renewable energy, management, operation and maintenance of small isolated power systems.

As part of this activity, we intend to conduct a series of discrete actions throughout the project. Thus, specific training workshops will be taught to students participating in the training activities of the project. In addition, lectures will be offered framed in this business for meetings of members and the public will as technicians, professionals, specialists and users of existing isolated power systems.



icono_descargaEstudio del potencial solar en Mauritania, Senegal, Cabo Verde, e Islas Canarias
D. Daniel Henríquez Álamo
Jefe de sección del Departamento de Energías Renovables del ITC